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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Bellevue

Our expert periodontists in Bellevue, WA help you achieve renewed health.

Making Your Experience Pleasant

Having a tooth removed is not something you look forward to but we can make the whole procedure painless.

Dr. Neal Raval, our game changing specialists, standing and smiling while wearing a black suit.

At DoctorPerio, we provide premier services for patients that need wisdom teeth removed. Our Bellevue periodontists strongly recommend removing wisdom teeth sooner rather than later. By following this recommendation, you can ensure that teeth can be removed easier and safer, causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Here are some things to remember when having wisdom teeth removed:

  • Problems with wisdom teeth are a common occurrence
  • Diagnosing is done with an x-ray
  • Removing them sooner is better
  • Your case will be different than other patients’ cases
  • Impacted teeth can leave a lot of damage and infection
  • Healing times vary greatly

Our dedicated team is here for you every step of the way. Whether you need us to hold your hand or provide you with one of our sedation options, we’re happy to help.

Removing Your Tooth

How do our expert dentists do it?

A white icon of digital x-rays to represent that wisdom tooth extraction in Bellevue starts with a dental x-ray


We use digital x-rays to determine if a tooth extraction is necessary. Every case is unique so our doctors will take time to explain their diagnosis.

A white icon of two instruments of the dentist to represent the preparation stage of tooth extraction.


If a tooth extraction is needed then we’ll gently prepare your tooth by numbing the area, keeping it clean, and preparing it for extraction.

A white icon of an extraction tool that is the next step in tooth extraction in our Bellevue and Issaquah dental office.


When you are ready, our skilled dentist exposes the tooth and rocks it away from the gums. We immediately tend to the vacated area to keep it clean and healthy.

A white icon of a shiny tooth to represent that Dr. Raval will guide you to restoration options for your extracted tooth.


Dr. Raval will provide you with instructions to keep the area clean and present a series of replacement options including dental implants if applicable.

Blue quote marks around the testimonial of an actual patient of Dr. Raval's after a tooth extraction in Bellevue, WA
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No Pain During the Extraction.

The doctor made sure that I was comfortable before she started. I had no pain during the extraction. I was given written instructions for the next 24-72 hours. That was very helpful when I got home.

Carolyn O. (Actual Patient)