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Laser Therapy In Bellevue, WA

The less painful and more successful alternative to traditional periodontal surgery.


No cuts or stiches involved!

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Traditionally, when gum disease becomes severe enough to need intervention, it means undergoing periodontal surgery. Naturally, this causes many patients to avoid treatment out of fear, putting their oral and overall health at more risk.

But now, you can cure your gum disease with a gentle laser.

  • No scalpels, cuts, or sutures

  • Less pain

  • Less gum loss

  • Quicker recovery and healing

If you’ve been told you need gum disease surgery, talk to us first. You may qualify for Laser Therapy!


See why patients and dentists prefer this non-surgical alternative.

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Minimally Invasive

The laser is the equivalent thickness of 3 human hairs and doesn’t require incisions, stitches, scalpels, etc.

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Less Discomfort

There’s less pain, swelling, bleeding, sensitivity, gum loss, and risk of post-op infections. 

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Quicker Recovery

Most patients resume their normal schedule right away, minimizing time off work.

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Faster Healing

No need for bone or tissue grafts because Laser Therapy helps regenerate new bone and gum tissue previously lost to gum disease.

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Laser Therapy doesn’t remove or reconstruct healthy gum tissue, keeping your smile as natural looking as possible.

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Laser Therapy will help prevent further infection, tooth loss, gum recession, bone loss, and other harmful side effects of gum disease.

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Wholeheartedly Recommend Them.

The staff has a culture of patient care and satisfaction. Most impressive was the work done by the dentist. He has a calming disposition, and I enjoyed the extra time he spent with me to explain what was going to happen, what to expect, and follow up/next steps. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any services that they provide.

Don L., 5-Star Google Review

Your Comfort Comes First

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There isn’t a more qualified dentist to perform gum disease treatment than our periodontists in Bellevue, WA. Our specialists have advanced training specific to gum disease and Laser Therapy.

But what you really need to know is that you’re our #1 priority!

  • Always go at your pace and adjust treatment as needed

  • Eliminate fear and anxiety with sedation dentistry 

  • Never judge you on your oral health or decisions

  • Provide a relaxing environment

We understand getting periodontal treatment or any dental treatment for that matter isn’t considered “fun.” That’s why we go out of our way to help you feel at ease.


Answered by our world-class periodontists.

  • Who is a candidate?

    If you have moderate to severe gum disease, you may be a candidate for this non-surgical gum disease treatment.

    To confirm, schedule a consultation with our periodontists.

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  • Is Laser Therapy safe?

    Yes, Laser Therapy is safe.

    Unlike other periodontal surgeries, the Laser Therapy laser gently kills bacteria and vaporizes diseased tissue. After tartar and plaque are removed from the tooth, the laser goes back in to create a seal and help your body naturally regenerate bone and gum tissue. No healthy tissue is harmed!

  • Does Laser Therapy hurt?

    No, Laser Therapy laser therapy doesn’t hurt.

    The primary cause of pain associated with periodontal surgery is scalpels and sutures, which are not used in this treatment.

    We also numb your gum tissue during the procedure to prevent potential discomfort.

    Afterward, you’ll experience less pain, swelling, sensitivity, and bleeding than traditional periodontal surgery. Healing is also quicker and more comfortable.

    In some cases, your gums may feel a little tender a few days following treatment. If it ever becomes uncomfortable, over-the-counter medication will help.

    Still worried about pain?

    Ask us about sedation dentistry, which helps you feel calm and relaxed throughout your appointment.

  • How long does Laser Therapy surgery take?

    Laser Therapy usually consists of two 90-minute appointments. We’ll complete one side of your mouth per visit.

  • How much does Laser Therapy cost?

    The cost of Laser Therapy is comparable to traditional periodontal surgery and varies depending on your case.

    Since recovery is minimal and you don’t need to take extensive time off work, it may be more financially reasonable.

    Book a consultation to find out how much Laser Therapy will cost you.

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  • Will Laser Therapy save my teeth?

    Laser Therapy can save teeth that have become loose due to gum disease by regenerating bone and tissue that was previously lost.

    This helps you avoid tooth extractions and consequent procedures to replace the missing teeth, such as dental implants.

    However, the key to saving your teeth with Laser Therapy is to get treated sooner than later.

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Reverse gum disease with Laser Therapy laser dentistry in Bellevue, WA.